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                吴江市华联净化彩板有限公司 , 具有承接〇大 、中型洁净手术室 、 空调工程设计、施工任务的综合实力 。

                公司已有十多年的历史 , 对承揽不同工艺 , 不同洁净级别的电子信息产业 、 制药工业 、 生物工程 、 医疗㊣卫生事业 、 无茴手术室№ 、 动物手术室 、 化工行业 、 食品行业等领域的』洁净工程,都能严格按照G M P规范及行业标准,提供最佳的服≡务 。

                多年来 , 始终把发展高科技产业放在▲首位 , 以科技为先导 , 市场为导向的科技兴厂之路 , 不断ξ 引进国外先进技术 , 开发工业自控新领域 , 为洁◆净工程配套生产各类净化产品 , 彩钢夹芯︼板 , 业绩遍及全国√各地 。

                公司以质▃量与信誉为本 , 客∞户的需求是我们的目标 。


                Wujiang Hualian Purification Color Steel Plate Co.,Ltd has the comprehensive capability of designing and constructing of large and middle-sized operation room and air-conditioning engineering.

                With a history of over ten years, the company can provide the best services for electronic information industry of different technologies and purification levels, pharmaceutical industry, biological engineering, medical treatment and sanitation industry, sterile operation room, animal operation room, chemical industry, food industry and purification engineering in other fields strictly in accordance with GMP standard and industry standards.

                In the past years, the companyalways places developing high science& technology industry at the first position, adheres to the science-led and market-oriented way, introduces overseas advanced technology, develops new automatic-control fields for industry and manufactures varieties of purifying products and color steel laminated plates for purification engineering with achievements around China.

                The company sticks to the principle of quality and credit centered and customers' demands arc our goals.